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Support Pregnant Kentuckians at Work!
The Pregnant Workers Act provides modest accommodations to pregnant Kentuckians in the workplace. By allowing a worker to, for example, take more frequent breaks or have light duty in a physically demanding workplace, we can work to make sure that Kentuckians never have to choose between a healthy pregnancy and their job.

To be successful we need you!

Have you been or are you currently pregnant in the workplace? Have you been an employer that has accommodated your pregnant employees? Tell us about your experience!

*Here is a link to last year's bill -

*A diverse set of organizations are working to pass the Pregnant Workers Act and will have access to your story. We hope to work with you to use your story to promote the bill through in person speaking events, opeds and legislative meetings. We will contact you before we use your story and hope to also work with you (to the extent you are available and interested) in soliciting feedback on the bill and developing strategy around its passage.

*If you believe you have experienced pregnancy discrimination and want to seek legal assistance please contact A Better Balance at 833-633-3222/833-NEED-ABB.

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