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Pablo and Sofia Halloween Tango Weekend
Seminar - Workshops - Practica - Milonga
Pablo Inza and Sofia Inza
Pablo y Sofia in Basel
A few word from Pablo and Sofia

VISION "In improvisation we trust" What we like about tango is the possibility of building the dance as a construction of little moments, even if we use patterns while dancing we challenge the couple to decide step by step what's next. We believe in the real improvisation.

CLASSES In the classes the students will work to awaken the body awareness and connection to develop the physical dialogue within the couple. Our technique work has not only an aesthetic purpose in itself but is rather a means to find the comfort of the dancers into a relaxed and sensitive embrace. To stimulate the improvisation while working on elements we focus on short and useful situations rather than long sequences.

GOAL We would like to provide students with useful information to help them develop a personal and creative dance, encouraging the diversity we so much love about tango.


20h-22h30 (15min break incl.) 135 minutes mini seminar 1
Working on qualities: The suspension.
Level: Advanced

Private Tango Party with food and drinks - Caminito

13h30-15h00 90 min workshop
Sacadas - Sacadas in comfort for leaders and followers. Who, where, when and how.
Working for safe sacadas in social dance.
Level: Intermediate OR Intermediate Advanced

15h15-16h45 90min worshop 2
Training rhythmical posibilities in vals-
Level: inter-advanced

17h00-18h30 90min workshop 3
Playing with the axis and the elastic move. Add this quality to your dance and challenge your axis a bit - Level: advanced.

19h00 Dinner

21h00-2h Milonga & Show Halloween warm up party !
DJ (comming soon!)

14h-1630 (15min break incl.) 135minutes mini seminar2
Turns for nerds!! Giros with rolling (moving the contact point inside
the embrace)
Level : Intermediate Advanced

16h30-18h Wine Cheese and Sausages

More info : or FB private messages to Primo or Gérard

Corrientes : Dornacherstrasse 192, 4053 Basel Switzerland

Event team : Gerard Glaus, Udo Zwilling, Primo Cirrincione

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Private lessons Friday 14h-18h15 (4 x 60min slots)
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