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Recruitment | Turing Fraternity
Register for the Recruitment for Turing Fraternity, the Computer Club of JPIS
Please contact Parita Ma'am in the new building IT lab for more information
Date: 19th December
Phone Number
The Turing Fraternity realizes that some of you constantly collect tidbits of Tech knowledge over time. We therefore have a Technology Quiz which can be taken up along with the event selected below.
Would you like to take part in the Tech Quiz? This will happen separate from the other events
The following question will ask if you want to Code or Create.
Code is a single written round with tasks on logical programming, debugging, cryptography, etc. No previous programming experience is required!
Choose this if you are good with logical questions and problem-solving.
Create gives you an option to choose one out of the three tasks: Web Development, Logo Designing, or Poster Designing.
Choose this if you are creative and good with HTML or softwares such as Adobe Photoshop
Would you like to Code or Create?
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