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RTP Retro Rider Happy Days Classic Car Show ~ September 26, 2020
Specialty foods only are allowed by participating food vendors such as pastries, ice cream, slushy's, Italian ice, donuts etc. RTP has a food vendor who donates all proceeds to RTP to help our organization; we operate on donations only, as well as giving our own personal finances.
Vending at RTP -- Raise The Praise Productions, INC
RTP reserves the right to refuse food vendors products if the food products are not suitable for RTP's events. Speciality food vendors fee is $50.00. There are no required percentages of the food vendors profits. The fee will be paid in advance by visiting our website and clicking on the donate button which is our PayPal account or by mailing a check to RTP/8902 Byrum Chapel Rd/ Portland, TN 37148. All speciality food vendors ''must'' have a food licenses to sale opened food products. Food vendors are not allowed to sell beverages, RTP reserves the right to sell all beverages, including water. Raise The Praise Productions, Inc is a nonprofit organization and operates strictly on donations. We are volunteered staffed and dedicate our time and finances to operate this organization.

Please note: As a food vendor, you take full responsibility for vending at RTP's events. Raise The Praise Productions, INC nor Days Gone By Museum make any guarantees for the amount of sales or lack of. Raise The Praise Productions, INC or Days Gone By Museum, are NOT liable for any situations (including food poisoning and or allergies that could occur from the foods you provide) and or accidents or losses affiliated with you or your food vending at the classic car show event. You have reached out to RTP's organization to vend at the Classic Car Show and upon submitting this application and it being approved, you have chosen to be a specialty food vendor at the Retro Rider Happy Days Classic Car Show & Days Gone By Museum.

Please note: We do not allow foul language or obscenity of any kind or alcoholic beverages. We are a Christian organization and strive to be a good example to our communities.

The Vendor Director, Ms. Christi Kavanaugh will contact you 2 weeks prior to opening of the event to answer any questions you may have and give you a time to be setup for the car show.

We hope you have a great time and a great experience at RTP's Classic Car Show and you walk away happy that you were a vendor at our event.
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