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Flat Track Fever 2019 Officials Application
Flat Track Fever seeks officials to join us for three days of roller derby May 10-12, 2019 at Acadia Rec Centre in Calgary Alberta. In 2019, Flat Track Fever will be co-hosted by Chinook City Roller Derby and Calgary Roller Derby and will offer WFTDA Sanctioned Games for the first time. FTF expects to offer a mixture of sanctioned WFTDA D2 Sanctioned games, Sanctioned and Regulation games between WFTDA teams ranked approximately 175-300, and non-sanctioned open gender games. FTF is a WFTDA Recognized Tournament.

2019 tournament head officials:

Tournament Head Referee: Kurz So Good
Tournament Head NSO: Mask Her Raid
Assistant Tournament Head NSO / Stats Lead: DxZone
Games Tournament Oversight: Jenn U. Whine

FTF is committed to increasing diversity and promoting access to sanctioned game play in Western Canada, and will seek to offer positions to qualified officials who have been disadvantaged from working sanctioned games due to geographic isolation, gender, race, or other factors.

Unless other arrangements are made, officials are expected to be available for all three days of the tournament, but there is some limited capacity to adjust to special needs for scheduling. Enquires can be sent to

Offers of positions will be made to Crew Head Officials and other qualified officials beginning January 15, 2019 - all applicants interested in head referee or head NSO positions must apply by that date. All applications must be in by March 15, 2019. Early applicants will have a greater likelihood of acceptance, but not all positions will be filled until after March 15, 2019.
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Please copy and paste a LINK ONLY to a game history document in google document format. Do not copy and paste your history. Game histories are strictly required for all skating official applicants and for all head NSO applicants, and highly recommended for all NSOs.
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Skating Official applicants: please select all positions that you are interested in and are competent to perform in D2 Sanctioned games *
Skating official applicants: if there are additional positions for which you would like to be considered for D3 Sanctioned play and/or unsanctioned play that you did not select in the previous question, select them here
Non Skating Officials: please select all positions you are interested in and competent to perform for D2 Sanctioned play *
Non Skating Officials: if there are additional positions for which you would like to be considered for D3 Sanctioned and/ or unsanctioned games, that you did not select above, please select those here *
NSO applicants: describe your comfort level with technology use such as computers, tablets, smart phones (as may be used in derby officiating including experimental methods)
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Please provide the name and email address of a reference familiar with your work as an official, WHO IS NOT ONE OF THE 2019 FTF HEAD OFFICIALS LISTED AT THE TOP OF THIS APPLICATION
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Special needs or restrictions
Please let us know if you have any restrictions on the type of work you can do (ie sitting positions only), environmental restrictions or dietary restrictions. If you have allergies, please let us know if their severity is such that your allergen cannot be in the officials lounge at all (otherwise a variety of food will be offered labeled as to allergens).
Under-represented communities or geographic isolation
If you are a member of a community that is under-representated in roller derby officiating by way of gender, race, religion, disability, sexual orientation or similar grounds, or you are disadvantaged from gaining tournament experience due to geographic location, and you wish the tournament leadership to consider this information, please briefly describe. This section of the application is optional and being a member of the one of the described communities does not guarantee acceptance, but it will be considered by the tournament leadership.
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