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Raise The Praise invites 3 local Christian churches to participate in being available to connect with anyone who may accept faith in Jesus and or rededicates to their faith in Jesus at our Raise The Praise festivals. Raise The Praise provides our own Prayer Director, Pastor, Russ Atwood and a prayer team to go forward when the invitation is given by the speaker. All new Christians are then brought back under the big top where the Ministry Director, Pastor Russ Atwood gives a brief explanation of what just took place with those who have accepted faith in Jesus. The participating fellowships are encouraged to pray with new converts, give them information about your fellowship and times of service. Pastor Russ will make the commitment cards filled out by any new Christians available to the participating churches. Please make sure to follow up and contact them. It is up to the churches to reach out in order to make discipleship available to the new converts. Raise The Praise is not a church, we are the church, we are an evangelical ministry organization that is made up of volunteers from different fellowships, thus we are not a church organization where we can bring any new convert into a church building, thus it is up to the participating fellowships to reach out and assist in inviting new converts to your church in order to continue to disciple them. What an honor and privilege to do so for The Kingdom.
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Further questions, contact Pastor Russ Atwood 615-513-7292 after 5:00 p.m. or or Joyce Stark, president of Raise The Praise 615-504-9590
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