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RLY Teacher Training Application
We are thrilled you are interested in joining one of our upcoming Teacher Training Certification programs! Please submit this form as well as a deposit to secure your spot in the training. ($200 deposit for 200 hour, $500 for 300 hour)
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MAtt Portwood
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We are a community of seekers, believers, and students with curious open hearts. We do not discriminate, or select students to participate in our training based on anything other than your passion and commitment to the program. It doesn't matter how fit you are, or how capable you are at asana. Please describe your commitment to your studies. *
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Do you have a current meditation practice? Yoga asana practice? Pranayama? Other mindfulness practice? *
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We know that things come up or there is illness, so have measures in place to assure you do not fall behind should you have to miss class. But please describe your commitment to fully participating in the full session, and graduating on time. *
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