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Bathroom Daily Use
This form is to gather data and feedback on our restroom situations as well as the poster campaign. This survey is ANONYMOUS, please be honest and express your concerns.
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What Period did you use the restroom while answering this survey? *
What grade level are you? *
What do you identify as? *
Which location did you use? (Choose image)
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Was there a line to get into the bathroom? *
Did you have access to hand soap? *
Were the toilets working? *
Did you have access to toilet paper? *
Did you have access to paper towels? *
Did you feel safe using the bathroom? *
Our goal is to keep our restrooms OPEN and SAFE for everyone to use.
If you can identify anyone loitering / hanging out in the restroom, we would appreciate you sharing their name(s) here. You will never be contacted and/or asked to share more information. Thank you helping us achieve our goal.
Were there other students hanging out in the bathroom? *
If yes, would you be able to identify them and/or what they were doing?
Questions Regarding Poster Campaign:
Were you able to identify the different restroom etiquette posters? *
Did these posters help to remind you or others around you to keep our restrooms clean and effective for everyone to use? (You or others around you followed the posters by throwing away trash, washing your hands, not hanging out, etc.) *
Do you have any other comments or concerns?
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