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Partnership2Gether Teen Exchange Application 2020-2021

The Partnership2Gether Teen Exchange is an opportunity to unite and bridge the gap between Jewish American teens and Jewish Israeli teens while building lasting connections. As a member of this group, you will engage in a year of learning, storytelling, and dialogue with your peers in Rehovot. You will have the chance to welcome your Israeli peers to Minneapolis in October and to travel to Israel in December. Monthly classes will serve as a time to share thoughts, reflections, and ideas, to think critically, learn from various speakers and each other, and challenge yourselves to grow. Ultimately, we hope that you will feel more connected to your Jewish heritage, to your Jewish community, to Israel and that each of your lives will be enriched through lasting friendships.

Please note: There are a limited number of spots available. After completing this application, applicants are required to interview before being accepted into the program.


Cancellation Policy:
All payments are non-refundable UNLESS we are able to replace your spot.

If you cancel your registration, your airplane ticket is non-refundable and non-transferable and may incur additional fees and these fees will be at your expense.

If there are any other cancellation fees incurred by the Minneapolis Jewish Federation due to your cancellation, these will be at your expense.

Deposits and Late Fees Policies:
Deposits are due at the following designated times. For every day that your deposit is late, you will incur an additional $10 fee.

Payment Schedule:
Payments will be made through the Minneapolis Jewish Federation. The total cost of this program is $2028.62 ($1,528.62 for airfare and $500 for program costs - subject to slight change).
A $500 deposit is due within 14 days upon acceptance into the program. You will not be an official participant of the program until you have paid this deposit. The deposit is nonrefundable (unless the program is cancelled). Upon successful completion of the program and all required commitments met, you will receive a $250 reimbursement.
Partnership2gether's budget will cover all other ground and program costs. This P2G program is heavily subsidized through the P2G budget of the Minneapolis Jewish Federation. Scholarships may be available and total cost will be adjusted if you receive a scholarship.
If the program is cancelled, you will receive a full refund. If you have financial concerns, please contact Amanda Feigin ( OR 952-417-2319).

Payment dates (amount determined by AIRFARE):
- July 31st, 2020 → $509.54
- August 28th, 2020 → $509.54
- September 25th, 2020 → $509.54
You may pay the total cost of the program before these dates if you choose to do so. Payments will be made through the Minneapolis Jewish Federation. Please discuss your payment options with Amanda Feigin upon your acceptance.

Airport Transportation Policy:
It is your responsibility to meet the group at the airport at the designated time and location. The group travels to Israel together. The Minneapolis Jewish Federation will not be providing transportation to and from the Minneapolis airport.

Please ensure that you have a VALID passport. Your passport CANNOT expire within 6 months of your RETURN from Israel.

The group of Minneapolis Teens will be accompanied to Israel by Amanda Feigin, Israel Program Specialist at the Minneapolis Jewish Federation and possibly another staff member. While in Israel, the Minneapolis staff member(s) will be accompanied by two additional professional staff of the Jewish Agency and Partnership program.

In Israel, teens will be experiencing home stays with the families of the Israel Teen group going through the P2G Teen Exchange program. All of the families live in Rehovot.

Medical Issues
All participants are required to have medical insurance prior to the trip. Participants should contact their local insurance carrier to ensure coverage overseas and to confirm reimbursement policies.

Participants should consult with their physician regarding any existing conditions. Enough medication should be brought for the entire trip, along with a copy of the prescription. It is critical that participants indicate all medications currently being prescribed on the medical form we will provide prior to the trip.

All expenses are covered on the trip. Extra spending money can be brought for additional expenses such as souvenirs. We recommend bringing a credit card and money to exchange in Israel.

Staff members will have a cell phone with them and will be reachable at all times. Updates will be emailed out through the week as well as other forms of social media.
Staff phone numbers will be provided prior to the program.

We recommend that, if you do not have this already, download the WhatsApp application for you and your child. When Wi-Fi is available, this is a free and easy form of communication. This will also be an important format for group communication.

Health and Safety
We are very excited for your student to have this experience and have taken every precaution to ensure their safety and the quality of the program. Some of the safety precautions that are put in place are chartered bus transportation throughout the entire week as well as safe accommodations. Students are never allowed to leave the group and do not have “unstructured free time.” All activities are done together as a group and no one goes off on their own.

Responsibilities and Expectations for Participants
Free time will only be permitted at structured, supervised times and locations. Otherwise, participants are expected to remain with their group.

Participants will not be allowed to separate from the group during scheduled activities. In the evenings, teens will be with their host families.

Students will not be allowed to pierce any body part or get a tattoo while in Israel and an offense that will cause you to be sent home and pay for all expenses incurred.

Consumption of alcohol or drugs is completely prohibited and an offense that will cause you to be sent home and pay for all expenses incurred.

If you are asked to leave the trip due to behavior or other issues, you will be charged for all expenses incurred.

After submitting this application, you will receive an email from Amanda Feigin within a few weeks.

If you have any questions regarding this application or the program, please email Amanda Feigin ( or call at 952-417-2319.

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