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Greenware Information and Responsible Use Agreement Form
Greenware is a resource available to all Scripps students. Greenware is a large set (serves around 80 people) of re-usable plastic plates, bowls, cups, and utensils that students may borrow for events and special occasions in lieu of using disposable plates, cups, etc. The Greenware program seeks to reduce the amount of waste generated on campus. This resource is available to all Scripps students. To request the Greenware, please complete this form and send the request email.

Greenware Procedure:

1) Submit Greenware Use Agreement form (this form)

2) Email Tom Adkins ( and CC the managers Cruz Leyva ( Rebecca Mejia ( Garrick Hisamoto ( and Seth Rosenberg ( that you would like to use the greenware with the email subject "Greenware Resquest for (time and date)". In the email make sure to mention how much greenware you need and at which meal you will pick it up.

3) Go to Mallot Dining Hall during the meal before your event time and pick up the greenware (Should be stored next to the cashier's table at the front entrance)

4) Use the Greenware, yay!

5) Bring the Greenware back to Mallot Commons during lunch (on a weekday) or brunch (on a weekend) for it to be washed and stored

Please agree to the following terms and conditions. You must submit this form each time you wish to check out Greenware.

Please submit requests at least 24 hours in advance. Please be advised that we have around 80 of each kind of dish and each one is labeled to allow us to keep track of which ones you have. We will know if you loose some and you will be responsible for them.

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When will the Greenware be returned?
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If your event ends late at night, would you be able to hold onto the Greenware until morning?
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I will take responsibility for the proper use of the Greenware while it is in my care. I will be responsible for any damage to the dishes and any lost or stolen dishes. I will pay for the replacement of any lost, stolen or damaged dishes. It is thus my responsibility to inform students at my event of the proper use of these dishes and enforce the respectful use of this communal resource. *
I understand that any violation of the above terms may result in my discontinued access to this resource. *
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