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Arlethia Stevenson Award - Information and Nomination
“It takes someone special to teach someone ‘special’.” Arletha Stevenson was such a person.

Mrs. Stevenson was an exceptionally gifted, dedicated, passionate, and compassionate teacher who unfailingly excelled in her vocation. She ensured each of her very ‘special’ students were given the best learning experiences possible despite their disability challenges or any socio-economic disadvantages. Mrs. Stevenson was wholeheartedly committed to her students’ academic success. She creatively engaged them, was firm but kind, was an encourager who stretched their boundaries, and was always patient. She set a very high standard for excellence; her dedicated commitment to students and support of parents was simply extraordinary.

Mrs. Stevenson was a devoted and beloved teacher who served the Hampton City Schools (HCS) division for eight years. She was at Bassette Elementary School for most, if not all, of her time with HCS. Dr. Bryce Johnson, the principal at Bassette, shared that she would often say, “Whatever it takes, Dr. Johnson, whatever it takes,” as she consistently arrived early, stayed late, worked through lunch, and tried various instructional strategies to meet each student’s unique needs.

In short, Mrs. Arlethia Stevenson was one phenomenal educator. We are grateful to her family for granting us permission to name this award in honor of her memory and legacy of excellence.
The Arlethia Stevenson Award for Excellence in Special Education was established to acknowledge and show appreciation for the excellence of educators, instructional aides, and others who truly embrace the division’s mission “Every Child, Every Day, Whatever It Takes” as they ensure the full acceptance, authentic inclusion, and success of students with disabilities.

The award is a way to thank those who, through their dedication, creativity, patience and determination, help students with exceptional needs experience success. It is also a way for the school division and our community to honor the memory and professional legacy of a very special educator . . . Mrs. Arlethia Stevenson.
Anyone in the Hampton City Schools community, including students, parents, parent associations, school administrators, colleagues, and community stakeholders.

DEADLINE: All submissions must be received by 5:00 p.m., April 2, 2021.
Special education teachers, general education teachers who instruct students with disabilities in general education classes, instructional aides, and others within the school division who significantly and positively impact the lives of disabled students during the school year are eligible for nomination.

1. Don’t just say your nominee is outstanding . . . prove it! It is important to use specific and concrete examples to illustrate why your candidate deserves this Award. Write concise sentences that give specific details.

2. Remember . . . keep it simple! Longer does not necessarily mean better. When presenting your nominee, keep your explanations clear and to-the-point while ensuring there is enough information for the review/selection committee to make a decision.

3. Keep in mind, we will evaluate nominees’ merits based on the information provided to us. That is why only the strongest and most compelling nominations will advance for award consideration.

Stating that a nominee should receive this Award because they prepare for Individualized Education Program (IEP) team meetings by reviewing the student’s IEP beforehand is not extraordinary; or that they should receive the Award because they take disabled students on field trips with their classes. Neither of these examples are outstanding; they are, however, reasonable expectations of teachers doing their jobs. Instead, describe what is outstanding about your nominee’s achievements and show memorably and persuasively how and where they have made a difference in the lives of students with disabilities.
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1. How does the nominee create an authentic inclusion culture of valuing, accepting, sharing and celebrating students with disabilities in the school community? Give specific examples. *
2. How does the nominee challenge students and engage them in their learning through creative ways? Give specific examples. *
Give at least three (3) specific examples.
3. How knowledgeable is the nominee about various disabilities and possible 'best' strategies that could help those students learn? Give specific examples.
This nomination MUST be endorsed by the nominee's Supervisor/Administrator. (Endorsements should reflect why the nominee would be the best candidate to receive this award.)
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