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Application Durban Girls College Exchange Term 1 2020 (hosting) -Term 3 2020 (traveling)
We are calling for applications from current year 10 students who would like to be considered for the exchange programme with Durban Girls' College in South Africa.

Year 11 Student Exchange to Durban Girls’ College, South Africa

Year 11 student(s) from Durban Girls College will be hosted at St Hilda's for 6 weeks in Term 1 (April - May) of 2020

Year 11 student(s) at St Hilda’s Collegiate School, Dunedin will to go to Durban Girls’ School, South Africa for 6 weeks in July - August 2020

Selection Criteria
As well as academic competency we look for positive, independent, adaptable, self-assured girls who will contribute to and participate in all aspects of school life.

School Responsibility

1. There is no exchange of money between schools. Students continue to pay all fees at their own school.

2. The school arranges a place at the boarding hostel and home-stay in Durban for the exchange dates.

3. The host families, where appropriate, organise excursions or country trips so that Exchange students see as much of the area as possible.

4. The school provides, as best it can, a course of study that fits the needs of the Exchange student. Special attention is paid to the core subjects (i.e. Mathematics, Science, English and Social Science).

5. The school will ensure that the Exchange student is met and welcomed at the local airport and brought to the school; the same procedure on return.

6. The school will provide a teacher ‘mentor’ to assist with any problems, queries or arrangements.
Student Responsibility

1. The student must have a current passport.

2. The student must adhere to the dress code of the host school. School uniform is provided.

3. The student must conform to the rules and expectations of her host school. She must be prepared to concentrate on her studies and do her best in class.

4. The student should try to become involved in the co-curricular life of her new school. It is always appreciated if she can contribute in a sport, a cultural activity or a club of some sort.

5. After the exchange programme, the student should be prepared to report back to her school, in some way, on what she has learned and also help promote the exchange for future students.

Parent Responsibility

1. The parents must agree to pay normal fees at St Hilda’s, Dunedin during their daughter’s exchange visit.

2. The parents must agree to pay for all transport to and from New Zealand to Durban Girls’ School, including to and from the airports.

3. The parents must agree to pay for any incidental expenses, excursion costs or pocket money at the adopted school.

4. The parents must agree to pay any internal travel costs associated with visits to places of interest.

5. The parents should agree to share responsibility with the school in homestaying the exchange student from Durban.

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