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Audition Form - Intermediate/Advanced Drama

- Students with less than two years of experience may enroll directly into Beginning Drama. (no audition)
- Current HHS Students who have passed Drama 1-2 with a B or better may directly enroll in Intermediate Drama. (no audition)
- Incoming Freshmen with two or more years of performing experience (more than four shows) may audition for Intermediate Drama.
- All applicants to Hillsdale Drama’s Advanced Class must audition.
- For more info, please contact Allison Gamlen -

Auditions will be held Monday, May 7 3:30 - 5:30pm in the Little Theater
*Students enrolled in a drama class have casting priority in all shows*

-Perform one modern memorized monologue from a musical or play ONLY, one min long max in your natural voice
-Monologue should be within your natural age range
-Read the entire play containing the monologue so that you can demonstrate an understanding of the character and situation
-Be ready to answer questions about the character’s CROW (character, relationship, objective and where)
-Bring a typed resume and recent photograph to leave at the audition

-Contact Ms. Gamlen at with any questions.

*New this Year* - all students auditioning are required to stay for the entire time -- 3:30 - 5:30pm.

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What is your Moment Before? *
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Describe who your character is talking to and any important Relationships that relate to this monologue *
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What is your character's Objective and what Tactics do they use to overcome the Obstacles they face? *
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Where does this monologue take place? Describe the setting and how it may affect your character *
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Please add a link to your current resume (preferred) OR describe in detail all training and performing experience you have had in the performing arts *
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We will see you at the audition on 5/7. Please be completely memorized and plan to stay the entire time.
Bring a printed resume or list of training and experience and a current color headshot or snapshot of you.
No selfies. No hats or glasses please. Small photos are fine. Photos will not be returned.
Please contact Allison Gamlen at with any questions.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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