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Scicloj meeting: Nikita Prokopov about Skija -- graphics in the JVM
**** Note the date change. ****

On December 8th, we are going to have a public meeting with Nikita Prokipov about Skija!

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Length: 2 hours

Moderator: Kannan Ramamoorthy

* talk
* discussion

Tonsky has recently released Skija: a library for high-performance graphics on the JVM.
Of course, this opens some possibilities in Clojure.
In this talk, Tonsky will present Skija to the Clojure audience, but we expect the talk to be useful for anyone interested in graphics on the JVM. Some basic knowledge of Clojure may be assumed.

* The recorded meeting will be published at the Scicloj youtube channel:
* For updates towards the meeting, it is recommended to follow your email, as well as the #data-science channel at the Clojurians Zulip chat:
* We will email you a calendar event invitation. Please use the Zoom link at the event description.

See you!
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