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I Pledge to Share My Check
Millions of North Carolina taxpayers with social security numbers will receive a Covid-19 relief check from the federal government over the next weeks, but hundreds of thousands of undocumented people will not. Already, Siembra NC has taken the names of dozens of families struggling to pay their car note, their rent, and even to obtain enough food.

For many struggling, this check will be a lifeline. For others, who have been able to maintain more regular employment, it will come as an opportunity to stand with their community in saying #ReliefForAll. If you want to pledge to share your check to help out undocumented families struggling in the times of Covid-19 please fill out this form and someone will soon be in touch with you.

(If you're not familiar with us: since it was founded in 2017 Siembra's Immigrant Solidarity Fund has distributed over $75,000 in emergency cash assistance grants - most around $1,200 - to dozens of undocumented immigrants dealing with ICE detention.)
Do you pledge to share part of your Covid-19 relief check to support undocumented North Carolina families who have lost income or are experiencing detention?
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