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Te Arahura Yr 7-13 Student Survey
We are coming to the end of our second year as a Kāhui Ako. This is a review survey to collect information from our students in our Kāhui Ako to inform our next two years. Please complete by Wednesday 23rd May.
About Me
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Priority Areas
How important are these things to you in your education

Not Important
Kind of Important
Very Important
Being comfortable in your own identity
Communicating effectively and being able to communicate in both English and Te Reo Māori
Having an understanding of Ngāpuhitanga- knowledge and tikanga
Thinking critically
Being active, involved 21st Century citizens
Challenging assumptions and realities
Knowing your options
Te Reo Māori and Ngāpuhitanga
I know and can understand Māori words at a basic level
I know and can understand Māori sentences at a basic level of conversation
I can hold conversations in Te Reo Māori
I am able to stand and share a mihi
I am able to sing a waiata
I know the process for pōwhiri and/ or whakatau in Ngāpuhi
NCEA - For all students from Year 7 - 13
Do you know what NCEA is? *
Do your teachers talk to you about NCEA? *
Do you know how to gain NCEA credits? *
Are you currently aiming to achieve NCEA Level 1? *
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