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NY VAN Access Request
Thank you for requesting NY VAN Access. Please note that this process will take from 2 business days to 1 week. You will receive access to NY VAN once the Account Manager has received payment, no exceptions.

TIP: If this is your first time using VAN, it is highly recommended that you sign up with a personal email in order to retain your VAN ActionID for future campaigns.

Lists of registered active and inactive voters
A platform to Canvass, Phone Bank (Virtual Phone Bank), a public-facing volunteer Virtual Phone Banking tool (OpenVPB), Record contacts
Turf Cutter
MiniVAN Canvassing App
Reporting tools
Access to the most recent scores at no additional cost to your campaign
Phone numbers, including appended cell phone from DNC acquisitions at no additional costs to the campaign
Integration with 3rd party services via API
VAN Resource Center including VAN Help Docs
NY VAN Support Slack Channel

- MiniVAN Canvassing App
-Turf Cutter  
-Virtual Phone Bank and OpenVirtual Phone Bank tool
-Report Manager
-Counts and Crosstabs
-MyCampaign database to manage event signups, volunteers, supporters, online forms, and volunteer and candidate event creation
-Integrate with 3rd party services via API to text voters and volunteers (i.e. Hustle, ThruText etc.)
-NGP VAN Add-on features such as a predictive dialer, robocalls, robo surveys, broadcast text, targeted email etc. (
-Access to current Scores
-VAN Help Docs
- Regular Voter File updates 
- Historical campaign data 
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*TRANSACTION FEES: ACH no fee; Wire transfer ($15.00 fee); Credit Card via PayPal (3% + 30 Cent fee)
Almost Done I promise, but super important: VAN Committee Admin
*Person in charge of daily Votebuilder/VAN operations including but not limited to: User Creation, Cutting Lists and Turfs, Creating Voter and Volunteer Universes, API Key Requests etc.
VAN Committee ADMIN name *
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*It is recommended that you use your personal email so that your ActionID does not disappear when you offboard a campaign!
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Bonus Questions
Is this your first time as a VAN Admin?
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If yes, would you like a quick VAN Admin webinar training on VAN's Admin Features?
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Would you be interested in a "train the trainer" session?
* This would be LESS of an "admin features" training. This would entail how to train your organizing team i.e. Super Volunteers and organizers on VAN's organizing tools such as Virtual Phone Bank, Cutting Turf, MiniVAN etc.
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