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HASCA MERC Day 2018: Mon 10th December "Expression of Interest"
What is MERC?!
The Sir Peter Blake Marine Education & Recreation Centre is a not for profit Charity based at Long Bay, Auckland. MERC offers marine based environmental education and outdoor recreational experiences to schools and other groups.

Where is MERC?!
Sir Peter Blake MERC is about 20 minutes drive from the Auckland’s CBD and is located at 1045 Beach Rd, Long Bay.

HASCA MERC Day 2018 …
MERC is a popular venue & bookings fill months, even years in advance, hence our early request for your tentative commitment! We do hope your children will join HASCA on Monday, 10th December, for a fantastic MERC Day experience!!

To enable us to confirm our booking numbers etc, we need to know who and how many want to come!?! Please tell us!

HASCA MERC Day 2018 will happen on Monday, December 10th.

Arrival time: 0845 … Departure time: 1600.

We welcome home educated children, aged 7 to 18 years to attend this event.
* Children with special needs or learning challenges will need parent support (remain on site) on the day.

Children are placed in groups & will participate in THREE age appropriate land or water-based activities during the day!

Activities may include: Abseiling, Climbing, Stack'em High Challenge, Adatok Games, Archery, Orienteering, Body Boarding, Canadian Canoeing, Dinghy Games, Kayaking, Paddle Boarding, Raft Building, Sailing, Snorkelling, or Surfing.

Indicative pricing:
HASCA members ... $52 to $54 per child
Non-members ... $58 to $60 per child

We hope to apply for funding for HASCA MERC Day 2018; if HASCA is successful in gaining funding or any type of grant to assist with this event, any fee subsidies will apply to HASCA members only (as per the usual conditions of funding).

Thank you for your expression of interest in HASCA MERC Day 2018!

[We will hold your details on file & contact you later in the year to invite you to complete an actual registration form for this AWESOME event; at that stage we will be able to provide more specific information regarding the day's activities & programme.]

HASCA Contact is Nancy Falconer - email: or

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Will you remain on site on the day? *
We will have some parents remain on site (on the day) to assist with lunch break supervision. Let us know if you might prefer to remain on site on Monday, 10th of December, thank you.
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