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Sideshow Fringe 2017 Application
The dates of the 7th annual Sideshow Fringe Festival are July 27 - August 6th, 2017. (TWO WEEKS THIS YEAR!)

The Sideshow Fringe Festival welcomes both emerging and established artists to submit a project proposal for production. The Sideshow Fringe Festival is Nashville's premiere progressive performing arts event and features every manner of live performance specifically designed to challenge and inspire in new and innovative ways.

There is no fee to apply to the fringe.

Should your proposal be chosen for exhibition in the festival, there is a $50 production fee that may be paid in advance or taken out of the final box office proceeds at the conclusion of the festival.

After the $50 fee is paid, all artists receive 50% of their box office proceeds with 50% returning to the festival to cover production expenses.

At Sideshow Fringe, we're 50-50 partners with artists, equally invested in their individual success and the longevity of the festival platform as a whole. We want you to make awesome art and have an awesome time and we want you to come back again and again and do it bigger and better every time

What Sideshow Fringe offers artists:
- Professional theatre performance venues
- Professional ticketing system and box office personnel
- Professional house management staff
- Professional technical staff for sound, light, and/or video operations
- Professional marketing, branding, and promotion consultation
- Professional networking opportunities
- Professional marketing materials to promote artist's production
- Professional consultation with theatrical designers and directors for project development

Questions? We're happy to help! Email us at

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What is the title of your piece? *
Please be sure to specify and spell correctly. This information will be used in marketing materials should your piece be produced in the festival. If you are using a working title that may change in the future, please indicate this with "(working title)" Example: "My Fringe Piece" (working title)
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Email address *
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Phone Number *
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Author/Creator(s) of your piece *
List playwright's name or list names of co-authors if it is a collaborative or devised work
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Is this an original work? *
What is the total number of artists performing on stage in your piece? *
(We need a count to ensure adequate dressing room space on day of performance)
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Please enter the approximate duration of your performance *
Example: 10 minutes, 1 hour, 90 minutes, etc. PLEASE NOTE: Performances under 30 minutes in length MUST be presented as part of FREE FRINGE and cannot be ticketed. If you feel your work should be ticketed but is under 30 minutes in length, please contact for consultation on your application. IT IS ESSENTIAL that your final production does not exceed your proposal's length. Your final piece may run shorter than your proposed time but if it runs longer, it will be interrupted in performance when the time has come to an end because all shows must start on time in order to ensure festival's overall success.
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Provide a brief summary of the nature of your performance. Your "blurb" for promo! *
Consider this an opportunity to "sell" your show to your potential audience. What makes you "fringy?" Please take care when drafting as this may be used in marketing materials should your piece be entered into the festival.
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Choose the category that BEST describes your work *
If it's super fringy and yet to be defined, choose "Other" and tell us what you call it!
Please list a general overview of the technical requirements for your piece *
Remember: minimalism rules in the fringe! It's a rapid fire setting and artists are encouraged to travel light! The fringe is NOT a place to do a fully staged, fully realized production of a play everyone knows. This is a place to think REALLY outside the box and to bring as few boxes to load in as possible. There is almost NO storage at most fringe venues. If it can't fit in your car or isn't already at the theatre, you should consider re-thinking your scenic concepts.
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Please tell us about your or your group's relevant experience and any critical acclaim you have received. *
Please include links to any press materials available
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Do you have any special considerations you'd like for us to review?
Something to get off your chest? Some flattery perhaps? Here's an opportunity to tell us something you'd love for us to know but we haven't asked about!
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Please List Name of Producer / Producing Entity to which you want box office proceeds address *
(to whom do we write the check? ie - "Molly Smith" or "Molly Smith Entertainment Group" etc.)
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Please give the mailing address to which you'd like your box office sent *
We cut checks 30 days after festival's close and send by mail 50% of box office proceeds (after -$50 producing fee, if not paid in advance)
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Online Presence
List your website, facebook, twitter, youtube, instagram, whatever online presence you have so we can share it with the world!
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Show Time
If your show date, or date and time have already been arranged, please list them here. If not, list any preference you might have on date/time.
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If you had to rate your show for content concerns, please select the rating you feel is most appropriate *
Where do you currently reside? *
Are you a Tennessee based artist? If not, tell us where you're hailing from!
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How did you hear about Sideshow Fringe? *
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