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Pt. San Pablo Berthing Application
Dear Applicant,
Enclosed you will find an application for berthing at San Pablo Harbor. Applications must be FILLED OUT COMPLETELY; incomplete applications will not be accepted.

The requirements for acceptance into this harbor are below:

Pictures of vessel inside and out
Current registration (in the name of the applicant)
Copy of current vessel liability insurance for $500,000 naming Pt. San Pablo Harbor as additional insured.
Vessel MUST move under it’s own power (not towed)
Agree to terms and maintenance standards below

The maintenance requirements for vessels coming into Pt. San Pablo Harbor is as follows:

Vessel must be kept in running condition at all times (no project boats)
Vessel should remain washed or clean visibly within reason
No exterior structures other than dodgers or permanent cabin tops (I.E. tarps, pvc structures or storage sheds)
All boats must be inspected by the Harbormaster prior to acceptance into the harbor. Past surveys will be considered if within 2 years.
Wooden boats will only be accepted if they are in exceptionally good condition.
All electrical cords, hoses, dock lines etc. must be suspended or kept out of the water
Docks must remain clear from hazards and only dock boxes approved by the office can be on the docks.

Please return the requested information and email pictures and documents to, and we will contact you by phone or email after your application has been reviewed.

Thank you for your interest in Pt. San Pablo Harbor,


Pt. San Pablo Inc.
510. 233-3348 ( billing inquiries)

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Berths and vessels in Pt San Pablo harbor; potentially at low or minus tides may be sitting atop or aground in soft mud. Although this has not been a problem in the past, by agreeing and signing this application you understand the risks and potential hazards associated with the described above. We reserve the right to perform background checks on individuals seeking to rent berths from Pt. San Pablo Harbor. We also reserve the right to refuse service.
By Clicking here, I declare the above information is true and correct and I authorize Pt. San Pablo Inc. to verify references and credit as it pertains to my residency and future rent collections. *
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