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A survey of internal parasites in snakes and treatments ensuring their elimination
We are a group of the 3.a class students at Biotechnical Gymnasium doing a research for the KRKA Prizes for secondary school students. The topic of our study is internal parasites in snakes and the treatment procedures to ensure their effective elimination. In order to gather more information, we kindly ask you to fill in our survey.

Thank you for your time!

Coast garter snake (Thamnophis elegans terrestris)
1. What type of snakes do you have?
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2. How many snakes do you have?
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3. Are you familiar with the problem of internal parasites in snakes?
4. Do you monitor / check the presence of internal parasites in your snakes?
5. How important are, in your opinion, internal parasites in snakes?
6. Would you think of internal parasites if your snake showed signs of an illness?
7. Which 3 signs, in your opinion, indicate the presence of internal parasites in snakes?
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8. Would you take your snake to a veterinarian if you were suspicious of the presence of internal parasites?
9. Are you aware of the possibility of treating internal parasites in snakes (if they cause problems to the snake)?
10. What type of treatment for internal parasites is the most effective (in your opinion)?
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11. Would you be interested in preventive treatment of internal parasites (once a year, similar to that of dogs)?
12. Have you ever used medical treatment for your snakes because of internal parasites?
13. If yes, which medications or means did you use?
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14. What would be the most appropriate way to apply an anti-parasite medicine/drug if you could choose between different pharmaceutical forms of medicines?
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