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VHS Class Proactive Response Survey (CPR)
At VHS, our teachers are focused on continuous improvement and creating the best learning environment possible. The following anonymous survey is designed to provide you with the opportunity to give your teacher feedback on their class and instruction. Your teacher will use this feedback to help shape instruction.
Profe Limas
Select your class period/subject.
My teacher believes that I can learn.
My teacher pays attention to any unique needs I have as a learner.
My teacher enjoys teaching.
My teacher is organized in presenting the material.
My teacher provides the tools to adequately prepare me for tests and quizzes.
I feel that my teacher is approachable.
I feel that my teacher cares about me as a student.
My teacher respects me.
My teacher motivates me to be successful.
I feel that what we are doing in class is important to learning Spanish.
My teacher’s classroom management is effective.
My skills and knowledge of Spanish have improved from being in this class.
My teacher explains the material well.
While class may move quickly sometimes, I am able to keep up.
If I am unable to keep up, it is because I am off task or distracted by those around me.
My teacher uses effective visual aides, audio aides and/or technology to enhance my learning.
My teacher uses creative methods to help me learn.
I feel as though I was adequately prepared to take this course.
My class contains coursework that challenges me to think critically.
I wish we did more cultural activities.
In Spanish class, I have enjoyed and/ or thought _________ were effective:
Check all grammar concepts that you feel you have a decently strong knowledge of (Some may not apply to your course level):
In this course, we use self-assessment and self-reflection to help me determine where I am and where I need to go.
I can explain the purpose of Assessment for Learning and how it impacts my learning.
Tests and quizzes are related to the material and ideas we learned in class.
I regularly use the online textbook to access homework problems and other resources.
Please answer the following questions briefly
What has been the most challenging part of Spanish for you this year?
Your answer
What could the the teacher do differently to help you learn more effectively?
Your answer
What has been your favorite thing we've learned about this year and why?
Your answer
What has been your least favorite thing we've learned about this year and why?
Your answer
What is something the teacher currently does that helps you learn?
Your answer
Other Comments?
Is there anything else you would like to share with your teacher.
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