Camp Staff Reference Form 2014

You have been asked to be a reference for a potential summer camp staff member with Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails. Because the applicant will be working closely with other staff and younger children, it is important that we have a comprehensive understanding of the applicants’ abilities, background and character.

Staff will be immersed in an outdoor setting, living and working closely with other staff members to lead girls ages 6-17 in activities that encourage personal growth and development. The summer season runs nine weeks in a 24-hour residential setting. Each staff member must be able to work and live in harmony with all other members of the staff team. The ability to deal with a variety of challenging and ever changing environments is a must.

We are looking for staff members who can demonstrate the following:
- Positive role modelling for younger children
- Be a team player
- Effective communication with supervisors and peers
- Sensitivity to cultures different from their own
- Enthusiasm and love for life
- Excitement to learn and grow as a leader
- Share and teach skills to children
- Ability to adjust any personal habits and behaviors, as necessary, to conform to the standards and expectations of Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails and the American Camp Association.

    Applicant Information

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    Emotional maturity
    Social awareness
    Tact, friendliness
    Willingness to learn
    Ability to work with peers
    Ability to contribute to morale
    Creative thinking
    Responsibility (for equipment)
    Adaptability to work environment
    General appearance, neatness
    Use of appropriate language
    Leadership ability
    Acceptance of supervision
    Energy, endurance
    Sense of humor
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