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TSA is currently working on an initiative called "The Blue Banner Project" to celebrate Alumni news and accomplishments. To be considered, please fill out the form below. An additional interview or more information may be required after the initial review. Thanks! We're excited to learn what you're up to out in that big world!
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To be considered for the TSA Blue Banner project, you must submit at least one high-quality, current photo of yourself and if applicable, the logo of your employer. Please acknowledge that you agree to this. *
You may email your high-quality .jpg photo (at least 300dpi) to
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Please provide the name of the company/companies or organization(s) you have worked for, and your corresponding title with each, in the past and would like to mention. If you would not like to mention any past experience, please simply type N/A.
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Please provide a brief overview of any education or professional training you have earned or are working towards. Include degree or certificate titles, years attended, educational institution names, teachers, or any other relevant information. If you wish not to list any education or training, simply type N/A.
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If you promote your professional work online via your own website, your company site, Facebook, Instagram, a blog, etc. and would like to make that available for TSA to share, please list all avenues here. If this does not apply to you, please simply type N/A.
Anything else you would like us to know?
We would like to offer mentorships for current TSA students as well as young alumni. Would you be willing to serve as a mentor to a student? If so, we would share basic contact info with them to contact you. *
What is your preferred method of communication for students and alumni seeking mentorship? *
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