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Presenters Application for Black VegFest -Brooklyn
Please provide us with the best possible information about yourself to help us create an informative event. Please be detailed in your explanation of your presentation or performance. Please do not ask us to visit your website for your bio.

Black VegFest being a new festival, in most cases we will not be able to provide transportation or lodging.

Here's what we're super ecstatic about:

Black vegans discussing everyday issues

We want African chefs who create vegan African cuisine. We want chefs who create vegan dishes from around the world (outside of US) where they themselves are native to or are 1st/2nd generation.

We want presentations from queer vegans of color!

We want black women and women of color intersectional womanists!

We want amazing vegan POC youth under 24!

We want incredible vegan POC elders over 60!

We want AR's of color expressing why they do their work!

We want POC vegan authors to shine bright!

We want activists who are working to make change and are never highlighted for their work!

Aside from awesome vegan endurance runners, We want women athletes!

We want non-able-body vegans!

We want POC vegan musicians and singers!

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