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SLS Presents: April Fool's Treasure Hunt - Designer Application
EVENT RUNS: April 1st - 14th

ITEM THEME: Two items, one normal and one fun/joke/trick etc. item for April Fool's.

▬ We DO accept Adult themed stores. NOT blatant porn, but stores with a fun style.
▬ YES to stores with fun accessories (harnesses, collars, etc.), clothing, furniture, decor, etc..
▬ NO scat, puke, dismemberment, porn photography, explicit poses/animations, overly sexual/explicit content (dildos, butt plugs, etc.) etc..

▬ We DO NOT accept stores for children's items and this will not change.
▬ We DO NOT accept stores based on selling shapes, gestures, windlights, or sounds.
▬ We DO NOT accept stores based on selling full perm templates.
▬ We DO NOT accept marketplace only stores for this event.

▬ We DO accept stores using templates in their work, no need to be original mesh to get in.
▬ As long as the creativity and quality of work are shown, all content is considered.

COST FOR EVENT: Free. NO charge for anyone accepted.
▬ We are looking to get donated Gift Cards and/or prizes for winners of a photo contest we will hold during the event.

DESCRIPTION: This is a unique hunt that is done in a classic Treasure Hunt style involving clues that lead to prizes.
▬ Hunters will get a kit with instructions on how to play so they may go store to store and follow the clues for prizes.

▬ We will hold a photo contest on our events Flickr page, which we will send out to everyone later.
▬ The idea of the contest is for hunters to show their favorite use of any Fool's prizes they get in the hunt.
▬ Once photos are in, and they are narrowed to a final selection if needed, Designers will get to vote on the photos.
▬ Winners of this contest will receive prizes and/or gift cards. List of prizes will come later.

▬ Each designer will get a kit that will allow them to set up clues around their store/sim.
▬ This kit will include 3 types of clue scripts one can use.

▬ 2 items are REQUIRED. One item for each path. Anything else is optional.

▬ Each store will need 2 paths, no more no less.
▬ One path will be the normal path that leads to a prize.
▬ One path will be a Fool's path that leads to another prize that is of a fun theme such as joke/trick, etc.
▬ EXAMPLE: If you make a t-shirt for your final prize, you can make a normal textured one for the first path then make one that has snot or boogers on it for a Fool's path. Have fun with this!

▬ Each path must have a MINIMUM of 2 clues (including start point) and MAXIMUM of 10 clues.
▬ This is NOT a combined total, but for EACH path on its own.
▬ If you do more than 5 clues in a path, you MUST have a mini prize to win in it as well.
▬ Mini prizes may be anything from your store, re-color/re-texture, gift cards, or new items.
▬ More detailed instructions will be sent out in world.

▬ Paths MUST be set up in your own store and/or around your sim, if you own one. They are NOT allowed to be in someone else's store or home.

▬ Extra prizes are most welcomed. These can be done two ways.
▬ Extra prizes to win along the paths themselves.
▬ Extra prizes for actual sale on the side during the event.
▬ All extra sale items MUST be set out for $69L each.
▬ All extra prizes may be items already in your store, new items or re-colors/re-textures of items.

▬ If accepted, you will need to join Second Life Syndicate Affairs group in world. We will invite you.

▬ Go to the SLS HQ to get the setup kit. You must have your SLSA group tag active to do so.
▬ We will send out a landmark and information on this location for you when it is ready.

▬ Full blogger packs are required. Only the final prizes are required, any extra prizes and/or sale items are completely optional.
▬ If you do include items other than the final prizes, PLEASE make a note in your blogger pack about which items are which so the bloggers are aware and note items correctly in all their posts.
▬ Even though the event is free, we still would like to show all the items and get as much exposure as possible.

▬ All blogger packs and prize ADs are due no later than Saturday March 30th. We need several days to finish putting the website gallery together.
▬ Bloggers also need time to get first posts started.
▬ This also leaves a small cushion for any emergency issues as well.

▬ You are free to sell the items as you like once the event is over, no restrictions.
▬ A notecard will be given in world with more instructions.
▬ All updates and info will be sent out via a message system so no one should miss any notices. Our in world group is still used, but for more general communication.
▬ Any blatant IP Infringement will be result in being pulled from the event with no refund. You will be banned from all future SLS events and a report will be filled with Linden Lab.

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