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WA Charters School Leadership and Design Fellowship Application 2019
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If you mark team below, please complete the next questions and continue to fill out the application so that we collect individual information on all team members. You may copy and paste answers that make sense to submit as shared answers.
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(For teams) How do you know one another?
(For teams) How long have you known one another? *
What is the working name for your school? If you don't have one yet, just note that you have not selected a name. *
What grade levels do you want to serve in the next 5 years? Check all that apply. *
Check the box that most closely describes your current work situation. *
If you are working, tell us where you work, your current title and a brief description of your role. *
How did you hear about the WA Charters School Leadership and Design Fellowship? *
While we welcome applications from all, our fellowship program is designed to increase the number of leaders of color in the Washington charter sector so that the students and communities of color we serve, (primarily Black/African American and Latinx) see themselves represented in school and sector leadeship. For this reason, it would be helpful to have your demographic information.
Ethnicity: How do you identify? Check all that apply. *
Gender: How do you identify? *
Describe your vision for charter public school in Washington. Name 3-5 design elements that are essential to your school model. *
What key challenges do you anticipate in opening a charter public school? *
What experience do you have with leading, designing, opening, working in or operating a school? (Teams, please answer individually.) *
Please upload a copy of your resume. *
Charter public schools in Washington are meant to be rooted in community and responsive to community. And while community can be a geographic location, it may be rooted in common experiences, causes, beliefs or language.
Tell us about the community you want to serve. (Demographics, strengths and challenges.) *
If there is a geographic location where members of the community reside or gather, please identify that geographic location (i.e. Skyway, WA). If the community is dispersed, tell us how you will reach the community for marketing, enrollment and day-to-day operations and where you will convene them for your school experience. *
What evidence do you have of community demand? This could be several 1:1 coffee meetings with community leaders, conversations with parents in parent-centered venues, etc. *
Please provide this link ( to two professional references. Thank you for your interest in WA Charters School Leadership and Design Fellowship.
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