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Conference Funding Application - CogSys
Dear fellow CogSys students,
we decided to allocate 1000€ of the FSR budget to conference tickets.

Unfortunately, we are in cold Germany, so there are rules (some due to AStA, some due to us):

1. You can only get money for a conference ticket, not for travel or other expenses.

2. The topic of the conference should fall into one of the following categories: Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Computational Linguistics or Programming. Conferences that fall under the wider Computer Science or Linguistics topic will be decided on case by case.

3. If a student discount exists you have to select it. No VIP tickets.

4. We can only refund 70% of a ticket. If there are more people applying for conference funding, the money gets evenly split between those people.

5. You have to contact us (this google form) with the conference link and the ticket you want to buy (can be for multiple people). The council has to approve your proposal in a meeting before you can buy the ticket!

The student council meets once a month; therefore you should fill this form AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE.

6. Only AFTER you got a funding approval from an FSR member you can buy the ticket. The ticket should be purchased AND the receipt should be sent to the FSR email address as soon as possible.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask in the #conferences-etc slack channel.

Your student council

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Read carefully the rules in the beginning. We can only partially reimburse and it has to be the cheapest option.
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