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Nomination for L. B. Henretty Memorial Outstanding Citizen Award 2019
This award was created in 1971 by L. B. Henretty, a past President and Director of the Culpeper Chamber of Commerce who passed away in 1975. L. B. Henretty was a former conservationist and a local businessman. He was active in numerous civic associations and believed strongly that citizens should give freely of themselves to their fellow man and for the betterment of their community, county and state. Each year the Chamber presents this prestigious award to someone who meets the following criteria:

1. Must have attained the age of 21 years by the date of the award.

2. Must have been a resident of Culpeper for at least three years immediately prior to the date of the award.

3. Shall not be eligible to receive the award more than once.

1.The recipient shall be selected on the basis of his or her contribution to society, whether such contribution is made individually or through various organizations. Sex, race, color or creed shall not be a factor in the selection.

2. Contributions to society may be in the form of service or assistance rendered to individuals or to groups on a community, county or statewide basis and the emphasis shall be on achievements resulting in benefits rendered to their fellow men on a community, county or statewide basis.

3. Service or community work of any kind carried on during the past shall be considered provided that the particular activities were projected to within five years prior to the granting of the award.

4. Activities resulting in any form of monetary gain to a candidate shall not be considered.

5. The primary consideration shall be basic effectiveness of service and leadership which results in tangible accomplishment. The mere volume and number of activities in which an individual participates shall not be a primary factor.
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Previous L.B. Henretty Memorial Outstanding Citizen Award Recipients
1971 T. I. Martin, Sr.
1972 Giles H. Miller, Jr.
1973 Mary M. Willis
1974 George P. Beard, Jr.
1975 Hult L. Wilson
1976 Thomas C. Hand
1977 Mason Hutcheson
1978 Thomas E. Franklin
1979 Grace Munson
1980 Charles H. Robson, Jr.
1981 Horace D. Douty
1982 J. Carlton Clore
1983 Roy Heltzel
1984 Frank Zinn
1985 Dr. George Broman
1986 J. W. Gallagher, Jr.
1987 J. B. Carpenter, Jr.
1988 John Coates
1989 Betty Marsh
1990 Claude Guinn
1991 Floyd T. Binns
1992 Rev. Vance Mann
1993 Anne Washington
1994 William Thomas
1995 Bob Jebson
1996 Betty Roberts
1997 Joe Kratochvil
1998 Jack Nicholas
1999 Taylor E. Gore
2000 Mary Fray
2001 Connie Kincheloe
2002 John J. “Butch” Davies
2003 Joseph Daniel
2004 Oliver Price
2005 Michael Armm
2006 Nathaniel Jasper
2007 Nancy Cannon
2008 Mary Jane Glass
2009 T.I. Martin, Jr.
2010 Chuck Gyory
2011 Gladys Williams
2012 Calvin “Chip” Coleman
2013 William Chase
2014 Gary Lee
2015 Mary Jo Browning
2016 Norma K. Dunwody
2017 Joseph A. Troilo, Jr.
2018 Leon Fincher
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