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Fantasy romance author Tracy Millosovich is in the midst of ordering a batch of her novels! Please specify if you are interested in buying a copy of Crystal Dreams Book 1 and/or Killer Dreams Book 2! Your interest determines how many books of each novel Tracy orders!

Tracy's next releases:
Diary of an Author - 2016 (The unveiled, unfiltered private life of author Tracy through the days of 2016!)
Darkness Dreams Book 3 - Continues the Crystal Dreams and Killer Dreams story
Forever Dreams Book 4 - Finalizes the series following Crystal Dreams Book 1, Killer Dreams Book 2, and Darkness Dreams Book 3
Santa's Secret - Santa's Naughty Elves anthology (Tracy tries her hand at a STEAMY story!)
JL Beck Killer standalone
The 4 Seasons Seasons series

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Crystal Dreams - When humans on a dying Earth and the magical creatures of a beautiful Tartan planet go to war! Whose side are you on? *
Killer Dreams - After the planetary war between Earth and Tartan, everyone tries to start anew...until humans kidnap the magical world's princess envoking a new war, and more bloodshed! *
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