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Journal of Engineering Sciences (ISSN 2312-2498). Reviewer feedback 2021
Dear Reviewer! The Editorial Board of the "Journal of Engineering Sciences" (ISSN 2312-2498) sincerelly asks you to complete a short anonymous questionnaire to assess the quality of our reviewing services.

Thank you for answering these questions and actively helping us to improve the reviewing services. We kindly ask you to be as detailed as possible with your answeres, and to provide answers with regard to the latest article you reviewed for our journal.
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Why did you decide to review a paper our journal? *
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Relevant subject
Previous experience
Other reasons
How would you rate the Review Template? *
How would you rate a feedback about your review experience with our journal? *
Did you know our journal before the review? *
Have you published in our journal before? *
In your opinion what is the optimal time frame to complete a review? *
Other (please specify)
How would you rate the contact with the Editorial staff in the following categories? *
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How likely are you to review again for our journal? *
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How likely are you to recommend our journal to other colleagues? *
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What are the most important factors for you when choosing a journal for your own work? *
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Speed of publication
Open Access
Low subscription fee
Journal scope
Journal reputation
Previous experience
How many review invitations did you recieve from our journal previously? *
How many reviews do you complete per year (including other publishers)? *
How do you prefer to receive credit for reviewing (select all that apply)? *
Other (please specify)
Do you have any other comments or suggestions?
Thank you for your response! We recognize that your time is valuable so we especially appreciate that you have taken time to complete our survey.
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