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Coinbase USDC Bootstrap Fund
The Coinbase USDC Boostrap Fund provides early capital and advice to new decentralized protocols/developers. The Fund aims to make it easy for teams to build a healthy, liquid pool of USDC capital. The Fund also provides feedback on usability, risk management, and launch strategy.

Investments are provided in USDC directly deposited into the protocol. (Note that this is not a venture investment. For equity investments, see Coinbase Ventures: )

To apply, please fill out the short questionnaire below. We typically get back in 3-5 days.
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What is the current stage of your project?
Have your smart contracts been audited? If yes, who is the auditor?
Do you have any specific domain expertise in the project you're working on?
Have you taken any investments yet? What investments do you plan to take?
What tokens/cryptocurrencies will your project support?
Why is your team choosing to integrate USDC?
Beyond capital, what other activities does your team need help with?
Does your team have any questions or specific needs?
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