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Maryland Tamil Academy - Tamil Art and Literary Competitions Registration Form - 2020
மேரிலாண்ட் தமிழ்க் கல்விக்கழகம் - தமிழ்க் கலை இலக்கியப் போட்டிகள் பதிவு படிவம் -2020
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Competition registration form instructions
- Date and venue for the event :
Date: 21 March 2020
Venue: Kingsview Middle School
Time: 8 AM to 8 PM. Schedule will be published one week prior to the event
- Last day to register for the event is Feb 28th.
- In order to encourage the students to participate in the LITERARY COMPETITION(s), it is mandated to enroll into at least one of the literary competition based on their MTA grade level. While doing registration, please choose at least on of the literary competition, before going to Arts section (based on age).
- Please select all the fields marked as *.
- Submit one form for each participant.
- Only kids from MTA schools (i.e. Germantown and Fredrick MTA schools) can participate.
- Once you submit, you will receive an email notification for the submission.
- If you did not get the email notification,
- Please check for the notification in the spam folder.
- Or the email id is not correct . So you may have to submit it one more time with the correct id
- Preliminary rounds for the competitions will be held for the competitions marked as **
(more details about the date for Preliminary round will be updated soon).
- For the competitions marked **, only participants selected in the preliminary round will be allowed to attend the final round on the stage.
- For competitions details, topics and rules, Please visit our school web site URL:
You will get email notifications for any updates if you have already submitted.
- If you have any questions, please send us email to :
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