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Collaborator Application
This application is for consideration as a collaborator with a Fresh Fest Beer Fest brewer. Any discussion of compensation must be held between Collaborator and Brewer and is not the responsibility of Fresh Fest.
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Event Participation Agreement
Fresh Fest Beer Fest takes place from 3:00PM to 9:00PM on Saturday, August 8, 2020. All breweries shall provide free samples to guests for their participation in the event. No monetary exchanges shall be made between event guests and breweries in return for sampled products. Promotional items EXCEPT FOR BEER OR FOOD may be sold to guests and is encouraged. We ask that each participating brewer bring at least 2 beer styles and a minimum of 3 half bbl of beer to provide at least one sample for everyone. You must have your booth staffed for the duration of the event. All staff must comply with all Allegheny Health Department food, preparation, transportation, storage, and serving regulations as applicable. If you need our volunteers to assist you, please let us know ASAP. The volunteers provided by Fresh Fest cannot serve alcoholic beverages. Compensation: The terms of any compensation as it pertains to the distribution of any collaboration brews after Fresh Fest must be decided between the brewery and collaborator and is not the responsibility of Fresh Fest. Promotional Items: You may distribute your own promotional items and marketing materials, but you may not fill and serve alcoholic beverages in any serving receptacle other than the Fresh Fest taster glasses provided by the event. Each guest will be given a tasting cup that holds up to 5.5 ounces of beer, but we ask that the samples be distributed at around 4 ounces each. Fresh Fest will provide each Vendor with a 10x10 space, 8 foot table, 2 chairs, complimentary ice/keg buckets (if applicable), inclusion in Fresh Fest advertising, and all compostable materials at no charge to the brewery. However, all breweries must arrive self-sufficient in terms of electricity unless otherwise formally requested when returning this completed and signed agreement to Fresh Fest Beer Fest. Fresh Fest Beer Fest and Allentown, PGH 15210 have sole discretion to reject any applicant for any reason whatsoever. Please provide a copy of your CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE as well as evidence of WORKERS' COMPENSATION insurance if you are bringing employees who will be paid.
Your application to Fresh Fest 2020 will be reviewed and we will be in contact with you shortly.
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