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Application for "Kalaatmika Research Initiative" - NIAS-IGNCA Short-term Internship Programme
IGNCA Bengaluru and National Institute for Advanced Studies are jointly launching a first-of -its-kind academic consortium on culture and cognition. The consortium will serve an academic apparatus to foster interdisciplinary scholarship at the intersection of culture and cognition and serve as an inter-institutional platform for capacity building, advocacy and policy-making.

The consortium invites applications for ‘Kalaatmika Research Initiative - NIAS-IGNCA Short-term Internship Programme’ with the vision of recruiting the brightest of young scholars to gain research experience with faculty associated with the consortium. The three major research areas identified for the consortium are:

1. Self, Aesthetic Imagination and Cognitive Foundations: With Focus on Indian Psychology and Indian Dramaturgy
2. Cultural intelligence and the cognitive building blocks of art appreciation
3. Neuropsychobiology of Memory: With a focus on Indian Pedagogical and Indian knowledge systems

Eligibility and Guidelines: Graduate and post graduate students, with an arts, humanities, social sciences or life sciences background are encouraged to apply. The internship could be planned for a period of 6 weeks to 6 months, in close conjunction with faculty advisor assigned. Based on qualifications and research needs, interns could be paid upto 10K per month with office space, if required.

Contact: Applicants may get in touch with a CV and a 200 word statement of purpose on how they plan to use the internship opportunity towards their career advancement. Consortium faculty may be consulted prior to creation of their statement of purpose.

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