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McCarry Leadership Award Candidate's Application
The McCarry Leadership Award facilitates the professional development of future leaders in the U.S. exchange community by supporting their participation in the Alliance Annual Meeting. The award honors former Alliance Executive Director, Michael McCarry, for his 21 years of service to the Alliance of International Exchange and recognizes the power of exchange programs to improve lives.

Candidates will be specifically evaluated on the following criteria:

• Shows creativity, initiative and/or innovation in approach to solving problems
• Exhibits conviction, persistence, and/or determination in pursuit of goals
• Demonstrates an understanding of challenges in the field
• Delivers results by organizing, mobilizing, or inspiring others

Experience in and Commitment to the Exchanges Field
• Demonstrates significant contributions and deep experiences in the field
• Is engaged in activities to promote the field of international exchange
• Displays purpose and direction in the exchange field
• Conveys an understanding of public policy
• Exhibits cross-cultural experience and understanding

Quality of Application
• Meets the leadership potential and commitment to the field expectation
• Provides thoughtful and detailed answers to questions
• Follows application instructions
• Uses appropriate grammar and style

Deadline: Friday, August 2

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