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Tulelake Field Day AET Test 2020
This is a test.
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1. Where would one enter their Ag classes? *
2. Sophie has a pig she wants to show and sell at the Siskiyou County Fair. What type of SAE is this? *
3. Leea is conducting an in-depth experiment with plant fertilizers. What type of SAE is this? *
4. You recently bought 200 lbs of feed for your goat at $50.00 cwt. What type of transaction is this within the AET? *
5. Net income is your assets minus expenses. *
6. The financial entry for the purchase of a $2,500 stock trailer for hauling your livestock would be entered as a ___________. *
7. Unpaid experience-related activities are entered in the Journal. *
8. For her birthday, a student was given a breeding ewe from her grandfather as part of her SAE. The ewe would be recorded by clicking the SAE Cash entries. *
9. When entering hours and paycheck from a placement SAE you must do which of the following? *
10. A student selling from his or her hay production project to one of their show animal projects is an example of *
11. Examples of placement SAEs are research projects, showing an animal, and improving something. *
12. Breeding animals, show tack, lawn mowers, barns, land, trailers, and other high-value items are examples of *
13. What type of SAE corresponds to the following situation? A student measures plant growth in different climates. *
14. A capital item in one year is used 50% for breeding beef and 50% for a research project. This is an example of *
15. Items of value that you own including cash are described as which of the following? *
16. When recording a cash expense from one vendor, it is not possible to split the expense among multiple SAEs and you must create new expense transactions to accurately attribute the expense to a specific SAE. *
17. Calculate the annual depreciation, using the straight-line method, for the following item: A cow purchased for your breeding project at a cost of $1,200. The cow has a salvage/disposal value of $200. Be sure to calculate using the recovery period as used with the AET for this asset. *
18. A raised breeding animal is an example of a non-current asset that may not be depreciated. *
19. Which of the following is the recovery period within AET for a $100,000 tractor? *
20. Once a raised at home heifer is ready for production as a mature cow, the animal is listed in the AET as a set value and the cow may be depreciated as non-current inventory. *
21. Which one of the following may not be included within a Journal entry for your SAE? *
22. Leea has a show ewe lamb that is not sold but rather she elects to keep and raise the lamb as a breeding ewe as part of her Breeding Sheep SAE. You advise Leea to record this decision and transfer the ewe to which one of the following? *
23. What does the unit abbreviation cwt refer to? *
24. Feed, supplies, gasoline, electricity, and cell phone service are examples of which one of the following? *
25. Which description below identifies this AET icon? *
Captionless Image
26. Which description below identifies this AET icon? *
Captionless Image
27. Which description below identifies this AET icon? *
Captionless Image
28. Identify the AET icon below that applies to this description: attending officer meetings, chapter meetings and other time obligations related to being a chapter officer. *
29. Identify the AET icon below that applies to reviewing an FFA competition journal entry so that you can review/verify if you accurately recorded your time involvement at the Tulelake Field Day. *
30. Identify the AET icon below that applies to beginning inventory, expenses and income related to your AET Experiences. *
31. Which AET financial term identifies this activity: working for a dairy business in exchange for feed for your Dairy SAE? *
32. Which AET financial term best identifies this activity: you record annual depreciation of your $500 laptop computer as part of both your Show Steer SAE and your Hay Production SAE. *
33. Prior to enrolling in her first Ag Class at Tulelake High School, Sinclair had a lamb project that supplied show lambs throughout Shasta County. After setting up her new SAE, which icon should she select within Finances to enter her Beginning Values? *
34. When making a cash expense entry, which of the following best describes the purpose of the memo box? *
35. Nick purchased a steer for $1,200 and needs to know the AET depreciation recovery period for this animal. Which of the following should you tell him? *
36. SAE Non-Cash Transactions are for these SAEs only *
37. Which of the following SAE types requires no financial entries within the AET? *
38. Anything of value that is owned *
39. If you purchase a capital item for $8050.00 which amount below is a reasonable salvage value for this capital item within the AET? *
40. If the Assets of a farm amount to $200,000 and the Owner's Equity is $90,000, how much are the farm liabilities? *
41. Which of the names below represents a castrated pig? *
42. The difference between what the farm owns and what it owes represents the owners' share, or legal claim to the assets, of the farm. *
43. A financial report that shows how changes in income and expenses affect the amount of available cash a business has to work with. *
44. When an FFA member receives a gift related to his/her SAE which below best describes this transaction? *
45. What does SAE stand for? *
46. Study the image. The entry for this purchase would be entered as a ___________. *
Captionless Image
47. Study the image. The entry for this purchase would be entered as a ___________. *
Captionless Image
48. Which of the following is not recorded in the journal? *
49. Items that you own that have a useful life for more than one year are considered what *
50. The estimated sales price of capital items once usage is complete or the asset has served the intended purpose for the current user. *
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