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Life Group Leader Interest
Thank you for your interest in leading a Life Group at U-City Family Church!

We think of Life Groups as the greenhouse for spiritual growth.

As a Life Group Leader, you will be helping others grow in their relationship with God and grow in their relationships with one another.

You don't have to be a Bible scholar or a theologian to be a Life Group leader. You just have to be willing to grow spiritually, and to encourage others to do the same.

Life Group Leader Requirements: We ask that all Life Group leaders demonstrate a commitment to growing spiritually and pursuing a life in obedience to Christ at U-City Family Church.

Life Group Leader Requirements:

1) Membership: Life Group leaders must be members of U-City Family Church.

2) Life Group Experience: Life Group leaders must have already been a member of a Life Group (or a similar small group at a prior church).

3) Financial Commitment: Life Group Leaders must demonstrate financial commitment to the church through giving a tithe of their income or consistently giving some designated portion of their income to God for the furtherance of the mission of U-City Family Church.

4) Spiritual / Moral Commitment: Life Group leaders must strive to develop spiritual habits and disciplines. They must seek to uphold the highest moral standards in thought, word and deed by avoiding illegal drugs, avoiding overconsumption of alcohol, maintaining sexual fidelity in accordance with the scripture, and interacting with others in love.

Becoming a Life Group Leader is easier than you think. Simply:

1) Application: fill out this form;
2) Attendance: attend a training (training details will be emailed to you); and
3) Approval: meet with one of our leaders to discuss your Life Group idea.

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