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The purpose of this survey is to help us determine to what extent the service met its goals and to identify ways to improve our services.
"February Project 2021 - Back To Black"
Name of Company / Nama Syarikat : *
Account Number / Nombor Akaun: *
Nature of Business / Jenis Perniagaan : *
Contact Person / Nama (dihubungi): *
Telephone Number / Nombor Telefon:
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Q1. Please evaluate our pick-up and delivery services. (Sila nilai perkhidmatan pengambilan dan penghantaran kami). *
Q2. Pick-up and / or deliver of consignments done within the agreed time. (Pengambilan dan /atau penghantaran konsainmen dilakukan dalam jangka masa yang dipersetujui). *
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Q3. Frequency of delay of pick-up and/ or delivery of consignments. (Kekerapan kelewatan pengambilan atau penghantaran konsainmen). *
Q3(b). Please state your reasoning, should your answer to Q3(a) is "Poor". (Nyatakan alasan anda, sekiranya jawapan untuk Q3(a) adalah “Tidak Memuaskan”).
Q4(a). Please evaluate our customer service call centre. (Sila nilai pusat perkhidmatan pelanggan kami).
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Q4(b). Please state your reasoning, should your answer to Q4(a) is "Poor". (Nyatakan alasan anda, sekiranya jawapan untuk Q4(a) adalah “Tidak Memuaskan”). *
Q5. Please evaluate your overall satisfaction with Nationwide Express' services. (Sila nilai kepuasan anda terhadap perkhidmatan Nationwide Express secara keseluruhan). *
Q6 Please state your preferred delivery partner based on price? (Nyatakan rakan penghantaran pilihan anda berdasarkan harga). *
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"By submitting this Form, you agree that we may collect, use and disclose your personal data, as provided in this Form, for the purposes of communications and ensuring customer satisfaction, which include conducting surveys to improve the quality of our products and solutions, responding to inquiries and complaints and to generally resolve disputes in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 and our data protection policy (available at our website at Please visit our website for further details on our data protection policy, including how you may access and correct your personal data or withdraw consent to the collection, use or disclosure of your personal data."
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