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Expedition 367 CONTEST. When will we reach the basement at the second site (that will be site1500 for IODP)?
During Expedition 367 South China Sea Rifted Margin we are drilling two sites. Our main goal is to reach the basement rocks under the sediment layers in order to understand their composition and give an answer to our main research question: How was the South China Sea formed? We are coring in two sites.

Every day at the first site, we waited for the Driller to say, "we reached the basement!'" We did not know exactly the depth of the sediments we would pass through to arrive at our target. So, we organized a playful "bet" among the scientists trying to guess this depth. Now we want to involve YOU in the bet for the second site.

The schools that are closest to the real depth measurement will receive prizes! Check out this page to see the progress .

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