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Weekend Volunteer Extras - Be in a Movie!
Thank you for wanting to volunteer your time to be in Hooked! We are passionate about this movie that will bring awareness to human trafficking and help people see autism through a new lens. This story is only possible because of your help! See more about our movie at

In exchange for you volunteering your time, we'll include you in events surrounding the film, you'll get your name in the credits, and you'll be part of making a movie. Please fill out your info here and use one form per person.

These times are approximate. We will aim to release everyone as quickly as possible. If you can only stay for 1/2 the shooting time, please still join us!

This form is for people who are only available to volunteer as an extra on the weekends. If you are also available on the weekdays, please fill out this form:

First Name *
Last Name *
Phone Number *
Email *
Including you, how many people could you bring with you? *
Please attach a picture of yourself (if you need to shrink the size of the pic, try
Which filming event are you interested in? *
What age range can you portray? *
Younger Kids
You are welcome to bring kids younger than teens if you think they would enjoy being part of it. You can note who they are when you respond to the Evite we will send you.
If you also could be available to be in a scene during the week after 5pm, please let us know here.
Make a Difference
We are asking each person who wants to join our team to follow our movie on Seed and Spark. It's free and makes our movie eligible for a film grant. Please visit, press the "Follow" button, and register to follow our movie. Thanks!
Next Steps
Once we get your info, we will send you an Evite with the details. Feel free to invite friends to join you and put your final numbers on the Evite. Thank you for your interest. We're looking forward to having you in our movie!
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