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SYC 2019 Delta Cruise Out
Cruise information
Welcome to the SYC annual Delta cruise for 2019.

Please see below for sign-up information, More details of the cruise, it's events and contests woll be published as ew get closer to the cruise.

Please sign up early, as it really helps us with planning for dinners etc.

Dates: Aug 5 - August 9, 2019
Delta Cruise Leader: David Bagby
Contact Information: / (650) 242-2722
Type of Cruise Out: Delta Yacht Club. Port or starboard side-tie to long guest dock.
Delta YC Berthing Cost / Night: $55.00 per boat per night + a small per boat charge (for our traditional tip to Island caretaker at the end of the week).

Call Cruise Leader to cancel no later than Wed 7/24/19. After that, no shows will be billed for all Club incurred expenses arising from your reservation.

Pittsburg (on the way up):
Cruise stop Leader: Erik Jessen
Contact Information: / (650) 575-5118
Pittsburg YC, slips
Berthing Cost / Night: $0.50/ft/night

Benicia (on the way back):
Cruise stop Leader: Petra & Rick Gilmore
Contact Information: / (650) 796-5591
Benicia Marina, slips
Berthing Cost / Night: TBD

Can't remember if you've signed up already? Check the list:

Cruise Schedule
- Friday 8/2: Dinner at Pittsburg Yacht Club 7:00
- Saturday 8/3 - Monday 8/5 : Raft-up in the Delta - 2nd Bedroom (or alternate if required)
- Monday 8/5 - Friday 8/9: Delta Yacht Club - Deltastock celebration - welcome back to 1969
We must leave Delta YC by 10:00 am on August 9.
- Friday 8/9 : Cruise-in to Benicia, dinner in town

Cruise Theme
Technology has been arranged to transport you back in time as you travel up Suisun bay and the Delta. By the time you get to Delta Yacht Club, you will have passed back into 1969. We will be visiting the spirit of 50 years ago and the times of Peace, Love and Rock & Roll.

Open those storage boxes and dust off the embroidered, bell bottom jeans. Give your favorite tie-dyed shirt a gentle wash. Ah, just think of it... the era when we landed on the moon; when thousands gathered for a small concert at Woodstock; the civil rights movement was progressing, and there was no media big brother to track you 24/7. Cell phones were a science fiction fantasy. Computers were huge, kept (as they should) be in air conditioned rooms and no one sane wanted such a thing at home. Kids actually played outside, walked to school, rode bikes and went to friend's houses on their own and came back home in time for dinner.

Musically, 1969 was a magical time for music, we'll explore some of that during the week. Ah, the peace, quiet and serenity of the delta... with sprinkles of great Rock & Roll!

Oh yeah, assuming you were around, bring a picture of yourself from 1969. It might win you a prize....

Sign Up
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please provide the cell # you can be reached on during the cruise.
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Write "blacktop" if you plan to drive, or "crew" if you will be on someone else's boat. This will be used to help assign points in the cruise out category.
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Length Overall of your boat, round up. Please include dighny davits and/or bow sprits. This is important for the cruise captain when determining amount of dock space required at the guest dock.
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Pittsburg stop over
Optional drop-in dinner at Pittsburg Yacht Club = $18/person. Moorage is $0.50/foot/night
Are you stopping at Pittsburg on Friday 8/2? *
Enter the number of people who will be attending dinner at Pittsburg. *
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Anchor out
Anchoring and possibly rafting. Must be self-contained.
Are you planning to anchor out at the 2nd Bedroom on 8/3 and 8/4? Check the dates that you expect to anchor / raft-up. *
Delta YC
Nights at Delta YC
Tuesday Night Dinner at the Delta YC
This will be a group BBQ. We will arrange for the main BBQ course, salad, side dish and dessert. Bring an appetizer to share if you are so inclined.
Number of people attending the Tuesday group dinner? *
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Benicia stop over
Moorage costs at Benicia = $20 for 30' and under; $30 for 31' - 40'; $40 for 41' - 55'; $45 for over 56'.
Are you planning to stop over @ Benicia on 8/9 on the way back? *
How many for the Dinner in Benicia? *
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Cruise tee shirts
We are working on a groovy, outa-sight, far-out design for a cruise tee shirt. please indicate how many you are interested in. We will confirm you interest, preview the design and pricing and get size info before making the order. THese are hand tie dyed, 100% cotton shirts - no two exactly alike. This costs a few $ more than a single solid color - but hey, it's 1969! Price is expected to be about $28/shirt - depends a bit on the total quantity ordered. *************** The tee shirt order has already been placed *******************************
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Additional Notes to the Cruise Leader
Do you have a special request for the Cruise Leader? Side-tie only? Meal Restrictions? Leave a note here!
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