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Participant Form 2020 Celebration of Learning: Exhibition of Students as Producers
Thank you for your interest in participating in the 2020 Celebration of Learning! The event is scheduled for 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, February 13th.

Please let us know about the work you'll be sharing at the event by answering the questions below. If you’re sharing a group project, you only have to answer these questions once for the group.

We’ll be in touch via email for any necessary follow-up. If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact CFT Program Coordinator Tracy Tveit (

Vanderbilt Center for Teaching
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Is this a group project? *
If Yes, please provide the Name and School of all group participants below.
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Faculty Name and Department *
Tell us the name and department of the faculty or staff member who supervised this work.
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Course Name and Number *
For which course did you complete the work you’ll be sharing? If this doesn’t apply to you, skip it.
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Project Title *
Create a project title in 10 words or less.
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What knowledge or skills did you learn through this project? *
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What made this project interesting for you? (How did it connect to your personal, professional, or academic interests?) *
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Exhibition Requirements (check all that apply.) *
The Celebration of Learning will be set up like a poster session. The CFT will provide a small (11x17) poster for each project, featuring the project title and description and answers to the questions above. Participants are encouraged to bring some visual or auditory representation of their project, perhaps a larger poster (if they already have one) or a physical object or a digital object shared via laptop. The CFT can't provide computer monitors, speakers, or poster printing, but we can provide elements checked below. (If your project is too large to bring to the venue, we can also print 11x17 photos of your project.)
Any Questions?
We’ll be in touch with you about the event, but if you have questions now, please ask.
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