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C&T 2021 - workshop application
Ethical Future Environments: Smart Thinking about Smart Cities means engaging with its Most Vulnerable
Workshop at C&T 2021, June 21-22, 2021, Online Virtual Conference

Thank you for your interest in our workshop!

Please fill out the following application form to be eligible for a workshop spot.

• Workshop Days: June 21-22, 2021

This one-day Design Fiction workshop aims to provide a forum for researchers, practitioners, and activists to discuss and extend current concepts regarding smart cities creatively. This will be used to inform a new holistic and sustainable approach to smart cities, including a broad spectrum of vulnerable stakeholders who currently have no representation or are under-represented in the process of developing new technologized environments.

We invite all interested people from both academia and practice/non-academia. Both target groups apply via a Google form in which you describe your motivation to participate and your background. Submissions should critically reflect on how the your research or interests address issues related to smart cities and/or vulnerable target groups. Your prior experience does not have to be specifically concerned with smart cities, but the application forms will be expected to demonstrate how their work is relevant to the workshop’s topic and can be applied within the workshops’ context.

All application forms will be reviewed based on relevance and potential for contribution to the workshop. At least one co-author of each accepted paper must register to attend the workshop.

Being part of this workshop holds a lot of benefits:
o it is an excellent way to become familiar with the C&T conference and the community
o you can extend your network
o you can get inspired for future projects and collaborations
o you can share your experiences and opinions
o you can be an advocate for the vulnerable target group you work with and give them a voice or share
information on a political, economic, ecological, administrational or developmental level with the other
workshop participants to create realistic implications for ethical future environments
o this workshop is also included into the Community Day:

o Applications will be selected based on their quality, compliance with the workshop themes, and the extent
(and diversity) of their backgrounds.
o The workshop is planned as a one-day event (4h) with group work sessions by using the method of Design
o Pre- and follow-up activities are planned prior and after the workshop.
o Upon acceptance, at least one author of each accepted position paper must attend the workshop and
register for the conference.

See the main conference site for more information on registration:

The detailed timeframes for each day might be discussed with all to better consider time zones.

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