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We want to get to know about the student, their interests, hobbies and why they are interested in coming to Barking Beauties.

Work experience is available from March to November (inclusive) each year for a period of 1-2 weeks per student ONLY. Work experience is NOT available during December, January and February. We are unable to accept more than one work experience student at a salon at a time, due to the amount of supervision required for work experience students.

You will be notified of the status of your application within 10 working days of Barking Beauties receiving this completed form. All notifications are sent via email so please list a valid email address.

Barking Beauties offers work experience to school students and TAFE students who are wanting to pursue a career in the animal industry. The work experience is designed to give students as complete an experience as possible of what is involved in working in a dog grooming salon with day care facilities.

An example of the duties a student may be required to undertake are as follows:
* Basic cleaning duties, including the removal of faecal matter when necessary, sweeping floors
* Basic administration duties including filing of grooming cards,data entry, packing treats, cutting bandana fabrics
 * Where possible students may be allowed to bath an appropriate dog

Barking Beauties have strict rules that students must adhere to with regards to the handling of dogs at the salon. Students are not to approach or touch a dog without the consent of a senior staff member for the purpose of the students safety. Staff will perform a safety assessment on each dog, following this students are able to interact with the majority of dogs. Students will not be permitted to groom (clip/shave) a dog or trim their nails during their work experience. These are skills which are developed over a longer period of time and may be dangerous to the dog should these be performed by someone who has not had the necessary skills and training.

Students will be assigned to a different staff member each day (where possible) in order to allow them different to experience different techniques and styles of grooming as different staff specialise in different areas.
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