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Matrimonial Data Submission for Brahmin Youths in North America (USA+CANADA)
You are here because you were invited by somebody to be part of our matrimonial initiative. Please fill up this form to help begin this process. Info from this form will be included in a list of candidates looking for their life-partners. We will share the spreadsheet with you and others who are also looking for life partners for themselves, their children, siblings or loved ones. I hope you will genuinely fill up this form and help yourself and others in the process. The data you provide will NOT be available to general public but only to those people who are on the spreadsheet and strictly for networking for marriage purposes. Please DO NOT share the spreadsheet with anyone else. Everyone on the list should have their own copy.

Please note the following:
1. This list is intended to include marriageable-aged youth who are residing in USA and Canada and who belong to Brahmin Community.
2. Once you fill up this form, you name will be included in the list after a facilitator/volunteer has approved your form.
3. Please provide details of the "candidate" along with contact info and family info.
4. The compiled list will be shared with all participating individuals at regular frequency and whenever new candidates are added to the list.
5. Please don't provide any "Privacy and Security" info such as Date of Birth, Mother's last name, Street Address etc.
6. Data being collected here are meant for the matrimonial purposes only and should be used only by the candidates who are listed in the spreadsheet. Please don't pass the spreadsheet to anyone.
7. For more info on BSNA Matrimonial Initiatives and answers to Frequently Asked Questions, please click below on the link.

8. In the form below "Candidate" refers to the candidate for marriage. Please complete all the required information. Filling out the optional information is also highly recommended.
9. For additional information, you can send an email to or contact responsible people listed on There is a link to this form on BSNA website (, facebook (BSNA Matrimonial), Twitter (BSNA) and other social media site.
10. Once your profile is completed and reviewed, you will receive email with link to spreadsheet of all candidates.

Disclaimer: Although due care has been taken to safeguard the data, BSNA (Brahmin Samaj of America) and its volunteers are not responsible for any unintended use of data submitted for BSNA Matrimonial Initiative.

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