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Solar PV site reporting form
Please answer as many questions as you can for each building you would like the Big Solar Co-op to investigate for post-FiTs solar PV.

How the process works is also described there:

Please note that site details will be shared with volunteers within the Big Solar Co-op to enable them to design a solar arrays for your roof.
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Where is the building?
Provide the postal address including full postcode.
Can you pinpoint the exact roof?
The best way is to go to and find the building. You'll see a 3 word code that looks like ///dream.arrow.flank - paste it here:
What sort of building is it?
How did you find out about the site?
Do you know what the roof is made of?
Is the building owner already interested in installing solar PV panels on their roof with the Big Solar Co-op?
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Is there lots of clear space on the roof (around the size of a tennis court)?
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Do you know of any feasibility studies that have already been done or other types of investigation into potential for solar on this site?
Is there significant day time electricity usage at the site?
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