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Thank you for your interest in being admitted to's Certified Professional Network (CPN) as an interpreter.

Admission of professional interpreters into the CPN is now being started. In this initial "launch" phase, interpreters are eligible to apply for the program if they meet the following three criteria:

1) You are currently active as an INTERPRETER and can provide at least 3 REFERENCES to confirm your work.
2) You have at least one INTERPRETING certification from a recognized interpreter certification body.
3) You endorse's "Professional Guidelines" (

If you meet all three of the above requirements, you are invited to apply using the form below. Please enter detailed information about your skills and experience; clients select interpreters for their jobs based on their qualifications. Please do NOT submit an application if you cannot provide at least 3 references. It will not be considered.

Note to interpreters who do not meet the above criteria: The staff and CPN staff recognize that there are languages in which interpreter certifications are not widely available, and that even in major languages, certification opportunities are limited, geographically and otherwise. For this reason it is considered likely that the CPN interpreter screening process will be further developed, and that in the future, the requirements may differ from the above. If you do not meet the above criteria, but would like to be notified when requirements change, please submit some basic information using this alternative form:

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