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Anwatin Fall 2020 Registration
SCHEDULE: September 15 - November 19 (winter practices starting December 1)

- Tuesdays and Thursdays at Wirth Beach (3200 Glenwood Ave)
4:30-6:00 pm, on foot

- Wednesdays at the Trailhead (1221 Theodore Wirth Parkway)
4:30-6:00 pm, mountain biking through October

Special events:
• Saturday, September 19: Trail Loppet 5K/10K
• Fall Adventure Series (built into practices): September 15, September 29, October 13
• Saturday, October 10, Fall colors canoe tour
• Saturday, October 24, MTB day trip

Cost: $75 - 150 for the fall season. Please enclose a check for an amount that works for your family. you’re not in a position to pay, and we will happily offer a scholarship. Checks can be made out to: Loppet Adventures

General background on costs per season:
- Two paid coaches: collectively 20+ hours per week (x 10 weeks) at $20/hour = $4000
$4000/40 athletes = $100
- Equipment - this is somewhat tricky because we share bikes with so many other programs and turn them over
every 1-2 years, and they are typically used over the course of three seasons, so I’m gandering $25-50 per
- There is no transportation, minimal food, and no trail passes this season, so those expenses aren’t accounted
for here. I will say I think hours are generally at least 20 collective hours, and for 40 kids I’m estimating, it would
be great to hire another coach or two, though we certainly appreciate all of the parent volunteers! :)

COVID-19 Brief Policies
Please find full procedures at:

• All programs to take place outside, taking refuge inside only should extreme weather dictate it.
• Staff and coaches to implement practices aimed to minimize the potential for infectious disease transmission,
such as socially distant instruction, hand sanitization prior to handling equipment (e.g. bikes) when necessary,
and distanced riding and running.
• Group sizes to be shrunk to 10 or less as much as possible
• Until further notice, no group lodging, group travel in vehicles
• Use masks/buffs from the home in an effective and safe manner when meeting in groups when social
distancing of at least 6’ cannot be maintained
• Coaches and athletes will report any flu-like symptoms, and please stay at home if you have a fever
​• It is advised to all instructors/participants to refrain from touching their face, eyes or mouth.
• At no time shall any instructor/participant share food or beverage containers with another
instructor/participant. Please bring your own water bottle and do not share your water bottle with anyone.
• Sneeze or cough into a tissue or into your elbow, not your hands or toward anyone.
• If you believe you have been exposed to a confirmed infected COVID-19 person, report to the Loppet program
coach. You will be asked to leave the training location immediately and it will be recommended you contact
your healthy care provider.
• If you are showing any of the following symptoms, report to the Loppet coach immediately. You will be asked to
leave the training location and it will be recommended that you contact your healthcare provider: Symptoms are
similar to a cold or flu and include fever, fatigue, cough, sore throat, body aches and difficulty breathing.
• If a confirmed case is identified in a training location, Loppet leadership will contact the Minnesotal
Department of Health and obtain their recommendations. The Loppet will provide local health authorities the
following information:
a. The name and contact information for all instructors and participants who have been in contact with the
infected individual.
b. Anyone who has cleaned up any bodily fluids.
• Frequent handwashing is encouraged!

Anwatin Loppet Team Expectations of Respect:

The Anwatin Loppet team is founded on cooperation and respect.
Loppet values include Adventure, Excellence, Stewardship, Integrity and Inclusiveness.

Team commitment: When I come to practice, I come with the intention to participate fully and positively in practice, knowing that we are going to work hard and learn/improve our skills in outdoor activities.

• I come to practice prepared and ready to learn.
• I will dress appropriately for the weather and day’s activities: running shoes, warm weather clothes.
• I will always wear a helmet on bike & rollerski days.
• I will make decisions that keep myself safe.
• I have a positive attitude and give my best effort.
• I will engage in the activities at practice in the best way I can.

• I will be respectful of my teammates’ experience on the team. I will do my best to allow them to have the best
experience possible by listening and using positivity.
• I will treat everyone kindly and use sportsmanlike behavior, with my teammates and competitors.
• I will make thoughtful decisions regarding the safety and well-being of others.
• I will solve problems with peaceful conflict resolution.
• I will use kind words and helpful manners.
• There is no room for bullying or mean behavior on this team. I will make a special effort to include anyone
appearing left out.
• I will treat everyone’s bodies with respect.

• I will listen to coaches and follow directions at practice and races.
I will keep the environment around me clean and sustainable by cleaning up after myself and leaving spaces
better than I found them.
• I will be careful and gentle with equipment.

Other Rules:
• No cell phone used at practice unless for a family matter or emergency.
• I will use respectful, positive language at practice. This includes no swearing. Swearing results in 10 pushups.
• I will not possess or use alcohol, tobacco, illegal substances, or weapons of any kind while at practice or team
• I will not engage in any physical or emotional violence.
• I will stay within the boundaries of the team activity. When unstated, stay within sight of a coach.
• If I have to leave practice early, I will let a coach know prior to the start of practice.
• I will take responsibility for my own actions. I will remove myself from situations that aren’t helpful to myself or
my team.

- First occurrence of breaking a rule: A verbal warning and conversation about a plan to improve behavior
- Second occurrence: The athlete will be asked to take a short break from practice. Parents will be notified at the
end of practice.
- Third occurrence: The athlete will be asked to sit out the remainder of practice. We will discuss the misbehavior
with their parents, and in some cases, parents will be asked to come pick up their child.
If behavior continues to be a regular problem, we will discuss whether the team is the right fit for you.

In some cases, such as violence or harassment or bullying, we will ask you to take a break from practices until we have resolution from both parties.

Athlete Name
Preferred pronouns
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Parent/Guardian(s) names
Athlete's Email
Parent Email
Parent Phone Number
Emergency Contact (Name & Number)
Any health concerns/allergies:
Any other information you would like to share to support your child
(Athlete) I understand and agree to the above behavior expectations.
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Both parents and athletes understand the consequences of misbehavior and will do their best to abide by the rules and expectations of the team.
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Please review the following waiver:
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(Athletes): By writing my name below, I accept and agree to the above Loppet waiver in participating in the Anwatin Loppet team program.
(Parents): By writing my name below, I accept and agree to the above Loppet waiver on behalf of my minor participant.
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