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Real Public Safety Endorsers
The Coalition Against Police Crimes & Repression (CAPCR)’s Campaign for Real Public Safety is advancing a
common sense, evidence-based model of providing services that create and maintain real public safety. CAPCR is
asking you and/or your organization to endorse this campaign.

It is clear the arrest-and-incarcerate model of public safety has failed. Jails and prisons are overflowing, lives have been destroyed, and the inherent strengths of communities undermined - all with little increase in public safety.

Currently, arrest-and-incarcerate has been allocated 52% of St. Louis' general operating fund.

It is time to divest from this failed model and re-invest in real public safety. CAPCR proposes we begin by divesting from the 2020 public safety budget and re-invest these dollars in real public safety services. This money could be redirected from the Mayor’s proposed hiring of 130 additional police officers, the business use tax, and from other current
ineffective expenditures .

In order for families and neighborhoods to be safe, basic needs must be met. Real Public Safety can be achieved by applying remedies to the underlying causes of crime: poverty, mental illness, food scarcity, homelessness, unemployment, lack of affordable health care, lack of high functioning schools, lack of greens spaces and more.

For more information:
1) Re-Investing in Public Safety Power Point:
2) Contact CAPCR if you’d like a presentation on our Campaign for Real Public Safety.
On Facebook: Website: Phone: 314- 322-1262 Email:

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